Copy variables between SSIS packages

How to copy-paste multiple variables between SSIS packages.

If you work with SSIS you probably hit this wall many, many times: there’s a package with zillion variables and you need to copy some / all of them to another package.

There is no copy-paste thingy in the UI for a variable so that’s a dead end. Czytaj dalej Copy variables between SSIS packages

How to speed up WordPress blog: REDIS

About the Redis caching engine.

Remember my recent post on mysterious improvement?

(Yep, if you don’t read Polish you’re out of luck. Sorry. Should have warned ya.)

I usually don’t do technical WordPress advisory stuff here on my blog but this entry is an exception. Today we’ll see how to make our blog run rather than just walk. From a slightly different angle this time.

Let’s start from the most important question: is our blog too slow? Czytaj dalej How to speed up WordPress blog: REDIS


What happens when the same word means two different things in two languages.

I’ve been actively using this language for over 10 years now and still cannot refrain from laughing on the word „supersedes”

In my home tongue it means „a supertoilet”: „super” is a universal prefix that works more or less the same in most languages and „sedes” is simply a toilet (or, to be absolutely precise, it goes semantically somewhere between „toilet bowl” and „toilet seat”). Czytaj dalej Supersedes

Economical mumbo-jumbo

Whilst browsing the Internet I recently ran into an interesting (and probably totally unreallistic) idea: universities should be free from charge for all students. Their (i.e. universities’) income should be funded exclusively off a 10% tax charged unconditionally from all alumni for the first ten years after they graduate. This would – in theory – lead to situation where „better” schools would be feeding job market with „better” professionals which in turn would make them (again, just hypothetically) more money. Czytaj dalej Economical mumbo-jumbo

0, 1, 8, 144 (EN)

While surfing the Internet I recently found an interesting (although completely incomprehensible) proof of a conjecture stating that 0, 1, 8 and 144 are the only perfect squares in the famous Fibonacci sequence.

For greenhorns: Fibonacci sequence starts with 0 followed by 1, then each subsequent terms is a sum of two preceding terms: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, … and so on, indefinitely. Czytaj dalej 0, 1, 8, 144 (EN)

Dates clusterfuck: MSSQL vs Excel

Dates are usually the most error-prone element of various computer systems. There are so many different date formats, standards and representations. On top of this there are different calendars, too. Overall one could probably get a PhD on the topic without even scratching the surface of it. Czytaj dalej Dates clusterfuck: MSSQL vs Excel