Copy variables between SSIS packages 2017/04/22

How to copy-paste multiple variables between SSIS packages.

Supersedes 2016/09/29

What happens when the same word means two different things in two languages.

Economical mumbo-jumbo 2016/09/12

Whilst browsing the Internet I recently ran into an interesting (and probably totally unreallistic) idea: universities should be free from charge for all students. Their (i.e. universities’) income should be funded exclusively off a tax charged unconditionally from all alumni for the first years after they graduate. This would – in theory – lead to […]

Next prime date 2016/09/05

Dates in Ireland are usually written as DD MMM YYYY i.e. 5 Sep 2016 or 12 Jan 2000 and so on. However, from database perspective (which is my personal favourite) I like storing date values as integers of YYYYMMDD i.e. 20160905 or 20000112 etc.

0, 1, 8, 144 (EN) 2016/08/17

While surfing the Internet I recently found an interesting (although completely incomprehensible) proof of a conjecture stating that 0, 1, 8 and 144 are the only perfect squares in the famous Fibonacci sequence. For greenhorns: Fibonacci sequence starts with 0 followed by 1, then each subsequent terms is a sum of two preceding terms: 0, […]