I’ve been actively using this language for over 10 years now and still cannot refrain from laughing on the word “supersedes”

In my home tongue it means “a supertoilet”: “super” is a universal prefix that works more or less the same in most languages and “sedes” is simply a toilet (or, to be absolutely precise, it goes semantically somewhere between “toilet bowl” and “toilet seat”).

Every time I see it, my weird imagination starts to build a monstrous, Japanese-like thing with at least 20 programs for taking dump and another 30 for urinating; with ambient music, fancy lihgtning, and a discrete massaging device on top of that.

Now, it only works in writing – the English pronounciation of “supersedes” differs greatly from its Polish analog. But still a good reason to smile every now and then 😉

I mean, with actual muscles, not with the semicolon-bracket combo, which apparently supersedes the real thing.

Oh, my.

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