Tom Cruise in Action: On the Edge of Tomorrow. A Movie Review.

Out of a lack of better ideas, I recently watched "Edge of Tomorrow," a 2014 movie starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

If you dig "Groundhog Day" and "Independence Day," chances are you'll gobble up "Edge of Tomorrow" like a goose with a dumpling. We've got some legit carnage here (humans vs. Earth-invading aliens), with the U.S. military in the spotlight, and a time-loop gimmick where the main guy is the only one who remembers past iterations and tries to save our planet from invaders.

Emily Blunt nails the female lead (if you ask me), but the real MVP is Master Sergeant Farell, played by the late Bill Paxton.

Without spilling too many beans, let's just say the plot isn't groundbreaking, especially if you're familiar with time loops like in "Groundhog Day" or, say, "Arq." That said, the visual execution and overall vibe are on point.

Don't get me wrong, it's not highbrow cinema with a deep message or anything. But it's genuinely fun to watch—wouldn't be surprised if I revisit this flick.

My personal rating: 8 out of 10, give or take.

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