Economical mumbo-jumbo

Whilst browsing the Internet I recently ran into an interesting (and probably totally unreallistic) idea: universities should be free from charge for all students. Their (i.e. universities’) income should be funded exclusively off a tax…

0, 1, 8, 144 (EN)

While surfing the Internet I recently found an interesting (although completely incomprehensible) proof of a conjecture stating that 0, 1, 8 and 144 are the only perfect squares in the famous Fibonacci sequence. For greenhorns:…

Sh*t happens

  As Confucius used to say, shit happens. He was a smart lad so there is no point not to believe him. Shit that happens to happen is usually a bad shit. More or less….

„I’m lazy, not stupid”

This is what my fellow colleague used to say when someone was trying to explain Things to him. Being lazy is actually a good thing. It’s just that some people mix laziness with sloppiness which…

A Third Variable

If you still remember my recent post on moving my hosting onto a brand new, shining VPS server (from an old, equally shining one) then I feel deeply sorry for you.

Memcached and W3TC

If you ever wondered why, despite all your efforts and Goole-jistsu, you still couldn’t get W3TC to detect your local memcached install, well. You haven’t googled enough 😉

Bloody Thursday

So, you think you know what „boring” means? You think you’ve watched some three hours of Parliament discussions about legal ways of composting farms’ waste, and you got bored? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet….

Big G Down Again

Gmail went down for about half an hour this afternoon. This is a second disruption of the service in the last two weeks. I am starting to wonder whether I should move my email to…

Back to roots

Somewhen in June 2010 I got my very first smartphone. It was a Samsung Galaxy S. OK, to be completely honest, I used to use one or two Windows Mobile based phones since around 2006…

Przecież to logiczne

Dostałem dziś rano zautomatyzowanego maila z prośbą o wypełnienie ankiety na temat obecnej sytuacji na rynku pracy IT. Obiecano mi, że ankieta będzie krótka oraz anonimowa – zazwyczaj nie wierzę w tego typu zapewnienia, postanowiłem…